Fields Of Activity

  • Tender Audits

    A study, analysis and detailed audit of the tender, its specifications, documentation, and bill of quantities, with proven savings in the subsequent project budget and time-table

  • Supervision

    A supervision and construction management of clinics and additional medical structures, including complex integrated systems. We implement a management and supervision of especially complex building projects, comprehensive of mechanical systems, energy systems and controls.

  • Design Management

    The project design at its start is reflected all along the way upon its success in its three main components: time table, budget, quality. The D.I.F team is experienced in all the stages of the process: (design-implementation- control) from start to finish.

  • Execution Management

    In the execution management we create a contact differentiation with the performing contractor (in contradiction with the developing contractor) on which we implement the supervision.

  • engineering issues

    We submit arbitration and expert opinion to various institutions. The founder of the Company is a recognized and certified arbiter on behalf of “the Organization of Engineers” in Israel. He is experienced in arbitration between a number of different entities, (constructor, architect, project manager, contractor, and entrepreneur).

  • Audits of projects at authorities

    We submit comprehensive audits on projects at the municipal and regional authorities, City Comptrollers and Treasurers.

  • Water and sewerage corporations

    Expertise and experience in the engineering required towards the water and sewerage corporations

  • Pipeline cleaning

    An implementation of cleaning and inspection of fuel pipelines throughout long kilometers and in diameters ranging from 3 to 32 inches. The cleaning and inspections were performed in cooperation with the International Dutch Company PNS, in full implemental coordination with our Company. The cleaning and inspections are carried out by means of robots [‘pigs’] with the assistance of barges, tankers, pumps, divers or any additionally required equipment.